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Unquoted is an equity crowdfunding platform for companies of all shapes and sizes that are seeking funding. The fundamental difference between the Unquoted platform and other competitors is that successful applicants will not be able to raise cash for a period of three months from the date of being accepted.

This holding period is required to allow potential investors to monitor the companies progress through their investor relations timeline (IRT). It will also help to improve investor confidence and turn shareholders into loyal ambassadors.

There are equity crowdfunding platforms that provide elements of competition, however, we believe that we have a unique offering that can make Unquoted a powerful brand in the growing marketplace of alternative finance.

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Use of funds

Unquoted is seeking a minimum investment of 100k

  • 40K to cover the launch and marketing costs in 2018
  • 20K to become authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for equity crowdfunding
  • 20k to apply for an equity crowdfunding licence with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
  • 20K to Trademark Unquoted in the UK and India

Key accomplishments

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) application submitted to HMRC
  • July 2017, closed our first sweat equity seed funding round of 25k from 2 sophisticated investors
  • October 2017, launched first application and now inviting companies to build their funding timeline


Initially, Unquoted is launching its equity crowdfunding platform in the United Kingdom, a leading market for unlisted and crowdfunded businesses in mid 2018.

Exit strategy

The exit strategy is to float the business or to be acquired by a larger organisation within 4-6 years.

Potential acquirers may include:

  • Leading equity crowdfunding platforms that as a consortium may want to grow through acquisition
  • Business software providers looking to target the Unquoted international professional services network
  • Business funding specialists, to include venture capital, private equity and angel investment networks


Nikolas Gilding

Nikolas Gilding

Managing Director
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Pradeep Mittal

Pradeep Mittal

Head of Development
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Why Unquoted 

The managements aim for Unquoted is to build on its seventeen year legacy by repositioning the business in such a way that it still services the same audiences it has done to date, but that it does so by carving out a new, exciting and defensible niche in the alternative investment sector.

It will do this by overhauling and expanding its legacy brand and infrastructure so that it becomes the preferred platform for unlisted and listed companies and investors to communicate with each other. It will also facilitate the raising of capital through its equity crowdfunding service and investment applications.

The vision is for Unquoted to become the preferred funding and communications platform for the alternative investment sector. Nothing of this kind exists at present and its realisation will deliver a valuable service to investors of all levels, growth companies and professional service providers.

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