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An opportunity to invest in a funding platform that puts you, the Investor first.

The management's aim is to build on its seventeen year legacy by repositioning the business in a way that it still services the audiences it has done to date, but that it does so by carving out a new, exciting and defensible niche in the alternative investment sector.

The platform when launched in the middle of 2018 will create something intangible, inestimable and priceless - investor trust.

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Putting You in the Know

The vision is for Unquoted to become the preferred funding and communications platform for the alternative investment sector.

Trusted and Secure

Trusted and Secure

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

Linking Service Providers

Linking Service Providers


John Pearson

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Managing Director

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Pradeep Mittal

Head of Development

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Open for Investment

There are equity crowdfunding platforms that provide elements of competition, however, we believe that we have a unique offering that can make Unquoted a powerful brand in the growing market of alternative finance.

How much equity for Investors? 20% for £200k
What shares do Investors receive? Ordinary Shares
What's the minimum funding target? Not less than £100k
An Enterprise Investment Scheme company Application submitted to HMRC

Unquoted is being developed to become an increasingly attractive ‘trade purchase’ for any of many major multinationals in four to six years’ time. By this time, it will have substantial assets, in terms of the intellectual property it has developed in its software systems and the perceived lifetime value of its professional investor network and business ‘members’.

Ultimate on target, exit valuations should afford all early round investors a considerable return, whilst Unquoted itself should deliver a much-valued service to the ‘worlds’ SMEs.

From its offices in London, the United Kingdom and New Delhi, India Unquoted will offer high-yield potential investment opportunities to its 50,000+ legacy network of sophisticated and everyday investors.

Unquoted is an equity crowdfunding and communications platform for companies that are planning to raise funds to grow the business The fundamental difference between the Unquoted platform and other competitors is that successful applicants will not be able to raise funds for the first six months of their campaign. There will be no exceptions, even for companies that have previously raised capital.

The holding period is required so that new investors can monitor the company’s progress through their Investor Relations Timeline (IRT). This service will enable investors to better understand the company’s road-map and progress through its announcements and milestones.

Due to an increasing number of crowdfunding platforms coming to market with the same offering, the time has come for some innovation. Unquoted will deliver a set of user-friendly applications that will improve returns for investors and transform shareholders into ambassadors. Nothing of this kind exists at present and its realisation will deliver a great service to both investors and growth companies.

Unquoted is seeking an investment of £50k

  • 10K to Trademark Unquoted in the UK and India
  • 20K to cover the launch and marketing costs in 2018
  • 10K to become authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for equity crowdfunding
  • 10k to apply for an equity crowdfunding licence with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Unquoted is offering 20% of Company for £50k. The pre-money valuation is £250k. Investors will receive Ordinary shares which will carry one vote per share.

The valuation of the business at launch is expected to be in the region of £500k.

Potential acquirers may include:

  • Crowdfunding platforms, perhaps acting as a consortium
  • Business software providers, targeting early access to growth companies
  • Business funding specialists, such as Venture Capital or Private Equity firms

Apart from the above options, management are acceptable to a share buy-back option at an agreed valuation methodology enabling shareholders to exit at a premium within 3 years. This is available for investments of £25K and above.

An application form is available from the Document Library

Please Note

You will need to have sufficient knowledge and experience in financial and business matters to evaluate the merits and risks of acquiring shares in Unquoted Limited.

In the event that you decide to invest you will need to confirm that you will deliver, (please review your investor status below and print off and sign) either by email or post evidence in the terms of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (as amended) that you are either an advised investor, an everyday investor, a high-net-worth individual or a self-certified sophisticated investor.

Advised Investor
Everyday Investor
High Net Worth Investor
Self-Certified Sophisticated
  • To raise working capital for 500 growth businesses within 4 years
  • To attract 300k investors to the platform within 5 years
  • To secure 1,000 companies for the premium investor subscription service within 5 years
  • To expand to other countries and become a global investment brand

The management’s aim for Unquoted is to build on its legacy by repositioning the business in such a way that it still services the same audiences it has done to date, but that it does so by carving out a new, exciting and defensible niche.

The vision is for Unquoted to become the shareholder communications platform for the alternative investment sector.

Beck Greener is a London-based firm of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, design attorneys and IP Litigators.

Unquoted has retained Beck Greener to protect their trademarks, brand identity, intellectual property and software services.


Brand Guidelines

Some common investor concerns that Unquoted will work towards improving are:

  • Investors are also nervous about dilution and a lack of liquidity
  • Investing in early-stage businesses can lead to higher returns and tax benefits, but can also be more risky

Unquoted will help investors enjoy the benefits of investing in early stage businesses whilst minimising the risks. We aim to achieve this through enhanced communication between businesses and investors to aid growth, increase valuation and minimise dilution.

Unquoted has achieved the following so far:

  • Established an experienced and credible management team
  • July 2017, closed seed funding round of £25k from 2 lead investors
  • Sufficient funding now in place to fully develop the platform for launch
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) application submitted to HMRC
  • Secured a development partner in India that is well connected and experienced
  • October 2017, launched first application and now inviting companies to build their timeline

The development of the platform is now underway with an expected launch date of June 2018.

Unquoted aims to create a platform that:

  • Raise future growth capital from existing and new investors
  • Achieve a valuation that minimises dilution for shareholders
  • Align strategy to deliver increasing valuation of the business
  • Harness the resource of shareholders for wisdom and market insight
  • Attract funds from investors normally backing ‘later-stage’ opportunities


Registered Office

Unquoted Limited
27-28 Eastcastle Street
London W1W 8DH

Skype ID:
+44 (0) 20 8123 4597

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